Kupa nights 2017

Kupa nights 2017


Kupa nights (Kupske noći) are four day tourist/sport event that is held in the centre of the Town of Sisak on Slave Striegel promenade that runs along the banks of Kupa river, from 31. August to 03. September 2017. Various cultural, sport and entertaining programmes will enable you to experience an unique life on the Kupa river.


During the four days event the visitors and participants will be able to participate in Kupska alka, a unique sport event only held on Kupa River. The teams of two ride a traditional boat full speed while aiming their lances at a hanging metal ring (alka). The event guarantees a lots of fun and exciting finale.


The third and forth day is reserved for „Šikljada – rowing duel of Kupa river traditional wooden boats. The boats and wooden oars are provided by the organizer so all you need is a good will and a bit of stamina to race and try to win prizes. On the same day you can enjoy the Air show, during which the pilots will be flying their planes just above the Kupa riverbed.


Concerts, fireworks and lighting of paper lanterns will mark the ending of the Kupa nights. So visit us and experience the unique blend of tradition, culture and sport that will be presented on the banks of the river that captures all those living and visiting the Town of Sisak.