EDEN finalist 2006/2007


A safe, peaceful and attractive destination of rural tourism

In the Bilje municipality (the towns of Bilje, Vardarac, Lug, Kopačevo, Tikveš, Podunavlje) there are 36 registered private accommodation places, a 4-star hotel, a hostel and five restaurants.


Besides that, in the municipality’s region, in Kopačevo, there is the only camping area and adventure park in the eastern part of Croatia.


Kopački Rit Nature Park


Kopački Rit is a valuable marshland area, and represents an exceptional example of the emergence and evolution of a marshy eco-system and floodplain areas.


The Kopački Rit Nature Park can be visited by water, roads and footpaths, with respect to the rules of behavior in the protected environment. It is open to tourists the whole year round.


To tourists who come to our destination for the first time, we would recommend that they come at the time of some of our cultural events: The Day of Eugen Savojski’s Castle, the Folklore Review in Vardarac, the Ethno Meeting in Bilje, the Fishermen’s Days in Kopačevo or the Pepper Festival in Luga.