Winner of the EDEN 2007/2008

Đurđevac - town of Picok (the rooster)

The national winner of the European Destination of Excellence for 2007/2008 on the theme of ‘Tourism and Local Intangible Heritage’ is the river Drava town of Đurđevac with 'Picokijada' as the backbone of its events based on the local intangible heritage. One of the aims of the project was to award those non-traditional tourist destinations, which have developed their tourist offer based exclusively on the evaluation of traditional customs, rituals, crafts, legends, arts and so on.


The roots of the name of Grad Picoka (Town of the Rooster) date from the 16th century when below the walls of the town of Đurđevac arrived the Ottoman Ulama-beg, who after a series of sieges failed to capture the town. From that time there exists a legend of a cunning old woman and her prank to fire the last rooster (“picok”) at the Turks from a cannon and drive them away under the impression that the town had plenty of food supplies.


At the end of June the people of Đurđevac recreate the legend of the rooster as part of the ‘Picokijada’ event, which due to its national significance the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia awarded it the permanent status of an asset of the intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia. The Đurđevac Town Museum is today located in the Stari Grad fortress, and is formed of an art collection of donations of artists of whom the most significant is the donation of the Croatian naïve artist; Ivan Lacković Croata with more than 2,000 museum pieces. Not far from Đurđevac, there spreads ‘Hrvatska Sahara’, the official title for the Đurđevac sands. The desert is a geographic-botanical reserve and a unique natural phenomenon in Croatia due to the various endemic flora and fauna.

2007/2008: ‘Tourism and Local Intangible Heritage’

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