Etnoland Dalmati -

Pakovo selo

EDEN Finalist 2007/2008

Etnoland Dalmati - Pakovo selo

ETNOLAND! Culture & Food. Experience MORE!

ETNOLAND in Pakovo Selo, between Šibenik and Drniš, is a theme park and an ideal year-round tourist destination.

With a total area of 15,000 m2 ETNOLAND is made for all types of group arrivals and with prior reservation it is open all year round, in all weather conditions.


Due to its proximity to the Krka National Park (only 10 min. drive) visitors often combine nature walks in the national park with a visit to ETNOLAND.


The main attraction is the guided tour during which our entertainers, in a very interesting, humorous and unusual way, show and explain how life was 100 years ago in the Dalmatian hinterland. The offer also includes a restaurant where only traditional food is served.


ETNOLAND was the winner of the ‘Green Flower’ award in 2012 as the best tourist attraction in continental Croatia, and the collection found inside the old house is registered as cultural heritage by the Croatian Ministry of Culture.


Please book in advance.