EDEN finalist 2007/2008


Discover the undiscovered

If you are tired of your everyday life, and want to change your environment even if just briefly, then Sisak is the right choice for you.


The tourist offer of the town of Sisak is still undiscovered and truly special!


With its diverse and rich culture, valuable historical locations, beautiful parks, preserved and protected nature in the vicinity of the town and gastronomic specialties Sisak is, in its own way, unique and special.


The town of Sisak with its geographical location is ideal for a short break on the way, but it is also an attractive destination for a holiday and entertainment.


Visit us and enjoy a walk through the town or the rich gastronomic offer of our restaurants. Take a walk in one of the centuries old town parks or enjoy a boat ride to the confluence of the Odra river to the confluence of the river Kupa into the Sava.


You should certainly visit the Old Town fortress, which is widely known for the famous battle with the Turkish army in 1593 where a part of the turbulent history of Sisak is on display.


As you walk the Slavo Striegl promenade and enjoy the view of the river Kupa, visit the Mali Kaptol, the Dutch House, the Veliki Kaptol and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Holy Cross, the KKV Home of Culture and the Sisak Municipal Museum.


Not far from Sisak is a unique European park the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, whose architectural heritage consists of villages with a specific architecture such as Čigoć. If you are a passionate lover of nature and water: come and visit for hunting, fishing or enjoy canoeing.