Day of the Cravat regiment

Day of the Cravat regiment

Jul 10 2017

On monday, 10th of July, Guard of honour of the Cravat regiment will traditionally celebrate its day - Day of the Cravat regiment! 

Ceremonial celebration (organized in cooperation with Zagreb Tourist Board) will begin at 11 AM with ''Blessing of the flag and regiment'' on a mass in St. Mark's Church, which will be led by Mons. Ivan Šaško, auxiliary bishop of Archdiocese of Zagreb and after the mass we will testify a solemn oath on Latin by this year's recruits. At exactly 5 PM, on Dolac plateau, main part of the celebration will be held with spectacular competitions and historical military games of Cravat regiment that will include: archery, fight for the mace, competition ''Saber on gourd'' and many other interesting disciplines adjusted for visitors of all ages, both male and female. Aditionally, army beans stew will be served to all contestants and citizens who join our celebration.


''We are inviting citizens to join us and get included in celebratory historical military fights and games that we have prepared for them and in which our soldiers will also participate. This is the 8th year that we are publicly celebrating Day of the Cravat regiment in the very heart of Zagreb and this year we are expecting even greater response of citizens and tourists'' Željko Matejčić - commander of the Cravat regiment.


Eventful all-day celebration of Day of the Cravat regiment will last up to 9 PM.