Summer in a sign of sport continues on Silba

Summer in a sign of sport continues on Silba


In order to promote healthy habits and emphasize the importance of doing sport, Silba in August offers 2 days of entertainment in the form of sports.

The Triathlon Club Zadar and coorganizer Konoba Alavija, with the sponsorship of the City of Zadar, organize for the first time 11.08.2017. (Friday) Silba Night Run 2017, and the day after 12.08.2017. (Saturday) the traditional Aquatlon, now for the fourth year in a row.

Silba Night Run 2017. is a running street race in the dark, 4 km long and begins at 20:30 PM. Applications are made on the day of the race starting at 19:00 PM in the Alavija on Silba.

Aquatlon, the discipline of swimming and running competitions, takes place in 2 disciplines:

1. Start Mini Aquatlon (swimming 50 meters and running 200 meters)
2. Start Sprint Aquatlon (Swimming 400 Meters and running 2500 meters)

CONFIRMATION AND RULES: Name and surname, sex, age, club - send to mail: until 10.08.2017. During running a t-shirt or triathlon jersey is mandatory, and for women one-piece bathing suit. The competition rules are determined by the HTS and the ITU rulebook. The competition is at your own risk!

APPLICATIONS ON THE DAY OF THE RACE: 10.00 – 12:00 in the Alavija, Silba.

The start of Mini Aquatlon is at 12:30, while Sprint Aquatlon starts at 13:00.

On Friday 11th of August 2017., after Silba Night Run, there will be a party organized by the Konoba Alavija. The band Zadar Express guarantee a great atmosphere!

The concert starts at 21:30 PM.

Join us on Silba, and for more details of the ship schedule line please check at or at