International Lace Festival

International Lace Festival


On June 23 to the 25th the TZ City of Pag and Pag Lace Association “ Frane Budak” will host the eight International Lace Festival.

This years festivals partner country is Slovenia, and it will take place thanks to the sponsors of the event President of Croatia Kolida Garbar Kitarovic, Croatian Ministry of Culture, Slovenian Ministry of Culture, Zadar County and Zadar County Tourism Organizations.

There are 9 countries participating in the festival along with the host Croatia, they are as follows: Slovenia, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic,Russia and the far away Japan.

The person who has made the it possible for Japanese participation is Jelena Yamasaki, a woman famed for bringing Japan to Zadar trough “ Tuna Sushi Wine festival”. Ms. Yamasaki is the representative of honorary Japanese-Croatian exchange organization and has worked over twenty years on the promotion of Croatia in Japan.  In this years lace festival there will be two Japans lacemakers and we are delighted to announce that Japan will be next years City of Pag International Lace Festival partner country.


Lacemaking in Croatia has been added to UNESCO’s List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.  In Croatian lacemaking alongside of Pag needle-point lace there is Lepoglava bobbin lace, Aloe lace of Hvar.

Pag Lace is is symbolic identity of the City Pag, The International lace festival was founded for the purpose of maintaining the cultural heritage.  Pag lacemaking is done only by women who live in the city of Pag, it is a unique lace in the world.  The women lacemakers have described their lacemaking as an art where more than 500,000 stitches are placed requiring over 500 hours of demanding work, years of experience and patience done all for the sole purpose of the end result- beauty.