Offshore World Challenge

Offshore World Challenge


Big game fishing – in Poreč!


This is the message which was sent from the last year's event taking up all the networks connected with competitions, big game fish anglers, and all those who are interested in or wish to participate in the fishing 'Formula 1'.


This is where the big game fish is being caught – worthy top fishing destinations in the world. We aim at placing the town of Poreč and Istria permanently on the world map of the top BIG GAME FISHING events and promoting a new competitive sporting and tourism product. This has been substantiated by the first, last-year's international competition results: 35 tunas were caught and released, nine of which weighed over 200 kg, a significant catch even in global terms.


All the competitors confirmed that its mild sea weather conditions make Poreč an ideal BIG GAME destination which, along its excellent organization and a number of additional events supplementing the possibility of catching a trophy tuna specimen, is a sufficient reason for all the teams returning to the 2nd big game fishing tournament. We are expecting the participation of more than 50 ships this year!